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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to use the Pro-Galley service if I just want you to process my images?

Answer: No. You can choose services individually. Just because we do some, or all, of your processing doesn’t mean you need to have your galleries with us as well.

Question: Why is there only one level of service for the galleries?

Answer: We believe that, if the functionality is available and doesn’t cost us any more to let you use it, it would not be right for us to subdivide it into different levels of service just so we can charge you more.

Question: When uploading images to the galleries, do they have to be reduced to 600x600 (max) first?

Answer: No. You can upload the high-resolution images if you wish; however, this will take you considerably longer and is not recommended. The system will automatically reduce them to a maximum of 600x600 pixels @ 72dpi

Question: What is the easiest way to reduce the image size for the web?

Answer: This depends on what software you have available. Nowadays, most professional photographers own a copy of Adobe Photoshop and one of the quickest ways to reduce your images is to create a web photo gallery in Photoshop, sizing the images to a maximum of 600x600. You can then move the images to a new folder and delete all the other files created by Photoshop. Please be VERY careful not to delete your originals.

Question: How long can events remain up on the galleries?

Answer: That’s totally up to you. We give you 2gb (depending on service) for you to use on your galleries. When you start running out of space you can go and remove out-of-date events.

Question: Do you ever contact our clients to market your galleries?

Answer: Absolutely NOT. We never contact your clients for any reason (other than if there was problem with an e-commerce transaction). They’re your clients, not ours.

Question: If I run out of space can I buy more?

Answer: Certainly. You can purchase as much space as you want. We’ll give you your own server if you need it!